We are LynchPyn.

We help small and mid-sized businesses—and the people who power them, deliver exceptional results.

Our mission is to support businesses and their leaders in delivering on their vision. Our foundational belief is that strong organizations are built on trust, transparency, and accountability. LynchPyn’s coaching and software platform empowers companies to align, focus, and engage in meaningful ways.

What We Do

Building and growing a scalable business is no easy task. Between the constant day-to-day challenges, the pressure to grow—it’s easy to start doubting your success and feel like you’ve hit a ceiling. And without the right structure and system, it can feel like you’re just spinning your wheels. Add to that the shift to remote and hybrid work, and it’s harder than ever to get everyone in the company aligned, focused, and engaged.

LynchPyn empowers companies, teams, and individuals to get focused on delivering what matters most while staying engaged and connected to the vision. It gives your people full visibility into critical processes and tasks using a highly collaborative framework built for the modern workplace.

A LynchPyn (/ˈlɪntʃˌpɪn/), typically spelled linchpin, is a pin that keeps the wheels on and holds it all together so you can keep moving forward. An empowering analogy for managing and growing your business, LynchPyn helps you gain full control, get everyone aligned, and hold everything together so you can power forward and reach your destinations.

“LynchPyn™ was created to address the massive need I saw from working with 1000’s of entrepreneurs.”
Anthony DiMarco
CEO of LynchPyn

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