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LynchPyn is the ultimate personal development app designed to be used with the support of your Forum-mates. Our all-in-one platform provides an elevated Forum experience, allowing you to easily manage your topics, meetings agenda, journal and personal development tools, all in one easy-to-use app.

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    A Forum Support System for Success and Results

    Manage your topics

    Leverage the power and value of an organized, secure Topics Vault.

    Run your meeting

    Elevated forum experience with guided, interactive agenda.

    Focus on your growth

    Live forum everyday and put your personal growth first.

    Level up your "Parking Lot" with a secured Topics Vault

    Your forum meetings can be more effective and valuable if the topics are well organized and comprehensive. The LynchPyn platform, offers a secured Topics Vault to help you manage an unlimited number of topics. Mark topics as private, assign a topic type, set a due date, and even allow Forum mates to upvote items. 

    A proven, guided meeting agenda

    Our guided agenda is a powerful tool for maximizing the value of your Forum and making the most of every meeting. It has been carefully designed following best practices so you can be confident that your meetings are value focused. The structured framework will also help keep discussions on track and on time. Timer, cues, instructions are all at your fingertips

    A safe place to work on yourself

    Forum is the one safe place you can work on yourself. Focus on your personal development in one app with tools like the guided journal, personal planner, Objectives, Scorecard, Habit Tracker and Routines. Leverage Routine templates or easily custom create your own to help you maximize your Forum journey. Leveraging the full range of resources available through the LynchPyn platform and sharing your progress with your Forum mates will effectively support your personal development journey as you work towards a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

    The Perfect Platform for Your Forum

    Date privacy and security

    Multi-layer encryption with personal information such as Topics and Journal entries. SOC II level security. With 97.56% uptime in the past 365 days, LynchPyn is a platform you can trust to unlock your potential and your forum's.

    Improve forum experience

    With better Topics management and our proven, guided Journal, you can get the most out of your Forum. Meeting time is used more effectively and every member is more engaged than ever.

    Stay engaged between meetings

    Capture and manage Topics on the go with the LynchPyn app. Journal with PynBot, set up new Routines using templates, and keep track of your forum Pulse. LynchPyn empowers your forum to stay engaged between meetings.

    Focus on ME

    Forum is a safe place to focus on your development. LynchPyn helps you do exactly that. Leverage Routines, Objectives, and other personal development tools within the app to focus on ME

    About Anthony

    Anthony DiMarco is a highly experienced entrepreneur and performance coach who has a deep understanding of the challenges and struggles faced by leaders. His decades of experience in the leadership field, along with his work with organizations such as YPO and EO, have given him a unique perspective on the needs of leaders and how to support them to achieve success.
    The creation of LynchPyn is a testament to his passion for helping leaders achieve success. The platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools that supports leaders in gaining insight into their own patterns and tendencies, developing strategies to address their vulnerabilities and make choices that lead to personal and professional growth.
    Anthony DiMarco
    CEO of LynchPyn

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      Sign up has been temporarily suspended as we launch the redesigned LynchPyn early 2024.