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Your Strategy, Executed. 

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Alpha Version


Your Strategy, Executed.

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Upgrade your business operating system



Everyone knows how they can impact the company and their career each year, quarter, week, or day. 



Each member is empowered to create a personalized roadmap to successfully complete goals.



Examine your company's performance and engagement by reviewing goals, team snapshot and team pulse. 

Execution system that works

LynchPyn systematizes the execution of your vision into easy to follow daily actionable steps, maximizing clarity, accountability and high performing team engagement.

Everyone aligned

Daily and weekly planning wizards empower each member to create a personalized roadmap of key activities that support them to successfully complete goals that are in alignment with the companies goals.

Meetings that matter

Improve information flow, evaluate goal progress, and streamline decision making using the Weekly Alignment Meeting (W.A.M.) recurring agenda.     

Your goals, aligned

Clear alignment, visibility, and accountability around the strategic goals ensure everyone is working together towards the shared vision.

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Know what's going on

Established individual performance measures are visible to all. Know how everyone is progressing towards their goals. Increased accountability, visibility and information flow means no surprises and the confidence to make the required strategic decisions.

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High performing, engaged teams

Weekly and daily planning wizards help each member translate strategic goals to daily Pyns, providing the roadmap to successfully completing their goals. Mental health and emotional intelligence tools contribute to heightened emotional awareness and a healthy, engaged team member.

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Meetings that matter

Don’t waste time in meetings. With automatic status update reporting, your meeting agenda will always be populated. Show up, discuss issues, and empower your team to hit their goals. 

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"LynchPyn™ was created to address the massive need I saw from working with 1000’s of entrepreneurs."

Anthony DiMarco, CEO of LynchPyn

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