About Anthony

A lifelong entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience. A High-Performance CEO Coach with expertise in strategic planning and team health. Anthony “gets it”. He is passionate about supporting entrepreneurs to materialize their vision. Easier, faster and with less suffering. 

As the CEO of LynchPyn, Anthony continues to maintain a select number of coaching clients as well as supporting EO, and YPO as a Certified Forum Facilitator.

Consult with Anthony

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“Anthony is “the real deal”. I don’t get to say this often enough about people. He is a life-long learner, and takes what he learns and does two primary things with it: 1)takes action and improves himself and his business; and 2) helps others grow in their business and life. Anthony is the ever growing entrepreneur, who is unafraid to go “out of the box”, while at the same time bringing process to those things proven to be effective in one’s business. While he is goal oriented and has his eyes to the future, he is focused on what needs to be done today to move the ball forward. On top of all that, he is a caring human being and a great guy to hang out with socially. Glad I get to call him “friend””
“ Anthony is an incredible coach, mentor and teacher. A lifelong student of what it takes to succeed and be happy, he has an uncanny ability to connect to his clients and help them through life’s challenges so they can reach their goals and become the people they want to be, the best version of themselves. I have grown more in the last year and half working with Anthony than in the last 10 yrs. I am a better leader, manager, teammate, husband, father and friend. I am grateful for his teachings, his guidance, his support and his friendship. There is only so much I can write in a review… but if you want more info or want to validate if my comments are real and authentic, reach out to me directly and I’ll gladly share my stories and examples. Thank you AD.”
“ Anthony’s amazing coaching ability has significantly impacted DPM Energy in many aspects. He has assisted with strengthening our executive team and the organization as a whole. We have many different personalities on our executive team; Anthony has the ability to get the whole team working together and on the same page! Anthony is a great facilitator who has positively transformed the outcome of our executive planning sessions. With his assistance we now have structured targets with plans to ensure we achieve them and continue the success and growth of our organization for years to come.”
“ Anthony was instrumental in developing repeatable processes, establishing metrics and holding me accountable for growing my group. He taught me how to cultivate and lead a sales team and to find a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly rhythm which gained momentum with each new cycle. He has become more than just a coach, he is a mentor delivering the ‘hard’ message when necessary and he is a friend. I highly recommend Anthony to anyone looking for that person who can take them to the next level and the next and the next.”

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